The Smart-AR-Glas Prototype

An Augmented Reality concept for the future of payment transactions.
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A future fintech Scienaro

Maximilians customer journey

Maximilian is currently buying lunch on Thurday. He won’t be home the entire weekend. But on Sunday evening he’s planning a spaghetti dinner with some friends. Of course, on his way through the super market, he’s accompanied by his personal digital assistant, visible through his Smart-AR-Glass. He decided to name his assistant Navi, the same little helper from the game Zelda. Navi is almost his digital twin and she knows everything there is to know about Maximilian. His bank account details, his shopping habits, his calendar, his contacts, his shopping lists, his email and much more are connected to her. In addition, Navi sees everything Max sees through the many sensors and detection technologies that are included in the Smart-AR-Glasses. Navi automatically created the shopping list when Max scribbled it on a napkin last night and helps him on customer journey through Migros (supermarket).

Your assistant for payments and finances

Keeping track of your own finances is a tedious and decentralized job. Most of us have several bank accounts (UBS, Credit Suisse, Raiffeisen) and often even more than one App-Payment-Method (Twint, Paypal, ApplePay, SamsungPay). SIX Payment Services has access to most of the data of the Swiss bank accounts. Therefore it would be a possibility to generate a cloud-based plattform which supports its customers in their purchase decisions and budget goals. We decided to make the film above to demonstrate the advantages of such an AI-based personal assistant. A Project of the University of Applied Sciences Chur & Bern in partnership with SIX INNOVATION LABS.

SIX Payment Services Innovation Lab
Fintech Partner SIX Innovation Lab

I often wish I had all of my bank accounts and finances in the same app. Our current technology already makes this step possible, though it hasn't been implemented yet. How should I control and track all of my expenses if I have to keep adding more payment methods for every website? - Kyle Smith, Media Engineering Student

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How is personal accounting done today?

Mostly not at all. Oftentimes through e-banking or even a combination of Excel spreadsheets and e-banking. There are still people among us who still do everything an an analog fashion, because they think its saver. In the end, the average individual doesn’t really know where their money is flowing and where possible investments could be make.

Various channels and platforms are used to regulate personal finances. Many people in Switzerland has several bank accounts. Each bank offers its own e-banking and advisory systems. There are also various approaches from Start-Ups in Partnership to solve this problem.

Digitalizing your personal wallet is a logical step into our ongoing digital evolution. To date, no solution has reached the critical mass. The SIX Group would be in the perfect position, as the intermediary of all banks, as well as almost all sales terminals and the stock market. With well-developed Artificial Intelligence, the SIX Group could use its big data and intelligent algorithms to give each of us personal advice to achieve our goals in spending and saving money.

About Us

Group 18: Our Team developed this concept during two weeks. The first step was an analysis of the current web-based e-banking platforms and brainstorming sessions. We experimented with different fintech ideas combined with Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, physical objects and cloud-based future technologies. Our product prototyp is a visualisation of all personal banking platforms unified with an AI assistant accessable at all times.

Our Paper can be downloaded as a PDF in German.

Team Members: Kim Schlaepfer, Dennis Wallace, Kyle Smith, Jennifer Zisette

Coaches: Wolfgang Bock, Martin Vollenweider, Simonne Bosiers

SIX Innovation Lab Partner: Ivo Ronner

An innovative project from the University of Applied Sciences Chur and the University of Applied Sciences Bern, Switzerland